Keycaps Set for Advantage

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Stylize your Advantage Keyboard

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Product Information

Individualize your Advantage2 keyboard with blank alphanumeric keys, thumb keys, and function keys. Or change the layout to Dvorak - which is considered more ergonomic. The key caps come in black, with a home row in contrasting blue.
Suitable for Cherry MX and ML mechanical keys for all Kinesis contoured keyboards.


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  • 94 Keycaps, including:
  • 48 Black Keywell Keycaps
  • 8 Blue Home Row Keycaps
  • 12 Black Thumb Cluster Keycaps
  • 18 Black Function Row Keycaps (8 with ridges, 10 without ridges)
  • SKU: KC600BLNK-blk


  • complete Dvorak keycaps set
  • black with blue home row
  • including 4 MAC/PC keys
  • SKU: KC020DV-blk