Freestyle V3 Lift Kit

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Accessory for Freestyle Keyboards without Palm Support

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Product Information

Keyboard not included

These Lift Kits can be attached to the Freestyle Keyboard and “tent” it in three stages. Tenting the keyboard puts your wrists in a natural position, so the strain for arms and hands is reduced. 

The Lift Kit is only compatible with Freestyle keyboards without palm support. To tent with Palm Supports, please choose the VIP3 Lift Kits or Freestyle Edge Lift Kit.


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  • Please choose the option that is compatible with your keyboard: Freestyle Edge / Pro or Freestyle2
  • Includes Left and Right V-Lifters
  • Palm Supports are not compatible
  • Quickly adjust between High, Medium, and Low tent settings (5˚, 10˚, and 15˚)
  • Highly stable gaming/typing platform with no “bounce”
  • SKU: AC730-blk or AC930

  • Keyboard and palm support not included!