Kinesis Keyboards all you need to know


General Questions

Which model is right for me?

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See "Help me choose" for a comparison of specifications and an overview over the 4 types of Kinesis keyboards.

What's the difference between the key switches?

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See Key Switches for an explanation.

Why should I use foot pedals?

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Repetitive strain injuries (RSI syndrome) are caused by the everyday use of computer input devices like the keyboard and mouse. Our fingers make the same micro-movement hundreds, thousands of times during the day. It the tension never fades and the hand cannot relax, sooner or later, wrists, fingers, arms, and shoulders will start to ache. 
One way to avoid this is to take some of the micro movement away from the finger. With a foot pedal, you can assign certain operations, like the double click to your feet, relieving your fingers.

Questions about Kinesis Advantage

How can I switch between MAC and PC mode?

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The Advantage Keyboard has three different standard configuration settings: Windows Mode, Mac Mode, and PC Mode. In each mode, the top four thumb keys are different.

  • To enter Windows mode, hold Progm key and press F7 / Win. The top four thumb keys are now: Ctrl | Alt | Windows | Ctrl.
  • To enter Mac mode, hold Progm key and press F5 / Mac. The top four thumb keys are now from left to right: Command | Option | Ctrl | Command.
  • To enter the PC mode, hold Progrm and press F6 / PC. The top four thumb keys are now from left to right: Ctrl | Alt | Alt | Ctrl