Ergonomic Features of Kinesis Keyboards


Ulnar Deviation

This problem occurs when your wrist is bent outward. It is a very common and potentially damaging keyboard postures and can lead to serious repetitive strain injuries. The home row keys of standard keyboards is less wide than the span of your shoulders. Therefore it is necessary to bring the hands together in front of the body with the wrists deviated. 

The Problem

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Ulnar Deviation - without Kinesis keyboard

Ulnar deviation constricts the blood flow through arm and wrist, makes muscles tense, and puts pressure on the median nerve running through the wrist's carpal tunnel. It's is an acute problem for people with broad shoulders.

Advantage Solution

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Kinesis Advantage Keyboard against ulnar Deviation

Fixed Split: The Advantage2 keyboard avoids ulnar deviation by separating the standard keyboard layout into two key wells for the left and right hand.

The key wells put your arms approximately at shoulder width. Thus, your wrists are straight to reduce harmful ulnar deviation and abduction.

Freestyle Solution

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Kinesis Freestyle against ulnar deviation

Adjustable Split: Left and right key modules can be completely separated to achieve a neutral wrist and hand posture for a many different body types. The linking cable is available with 9″ or 20″.
Adjustable Splay: Separate and rotate the key modules to put your wrists in a neutral position. An optional “Pivot Tether” can be attached to facilitate a symmetrical splay angle.