Imagine working with a keyboard that adjusts to your needs.

Kinesis Freestyle 2 Keyboard


How many hours a day do you spend typing? And have you ever tried working with a keyboard that's actually comfortable to work with? 


Your Joystick fits your hand - why shouldn't your keyboard, too? 

What's An Ergonomic Keyboard? 

It's a keyboard you can operate in a relaxed and natural posititon. This is not possible when typing on a standard keyboard, as the wrists are bent outward and neither arms nor hands can relax. Working like this for hours can result in fatigue and repetitive strain injuries.

Kinesis offers different keyboards that are designed for your hand: They support your wrists and palms and make it easier to operate.

Discover Advantage and Freestyle keyboards!

Two Solutions for Better Working: Advantage and Freestyle

Advantage Keyboard Features

  • By separating the standard keyboard layout into left and right key wells, the problem of ulnar deviation is resolved
  • Integrated tenting elevates the thumb sides of the hands at a fixed lateral slope avoids forearm pronation
  • The palm supports position your wrists in a neutral position – at the same elevation as your forearm and hand.
  • The numeric keypad is integrated in the right key well, to shrink the overall width of the keyboard. Thus, you can place your mouse directly in front of the shoulder for maximum comfort. 

Freestyle Keyboard Features

  • Both key modules can be separated so you can work with your hands and wrists in a natural and relaxed position.
  • Three different modular tenting accessories can elevate the inner edge of the Freestyle parts, so you can type with your forearms in a neutral and comfortable position.
  • The zero-degree slope from front to back keeps your wrist at the same elevation as forearm and hand. No bending up needed.
  • The numeric keypad is embedded in the right key module to shrinks the width. Your mouse can move closer to your body for maximum comfort.